It was a huge turn-out last night in Sioux County for state Republican candidates just hours before the polls open. This, as the latest polling shows two crucial races only getting closer. 

Around 300 people packed into this event space in Sioux Center. The “Get Out the Vote” Rally was a huge push by Iowa Republicans to motivate their base to get to the polls tomorrow, especially in one of the most conservative districts in the state.

This is a crucial county for Congressman Steve King, who’s been elected to eight terms due to his loyal base. It’s also important for current Governor Kim Reynolds, who’s trying to win her first election, with poll numbers showing little room for error.

The most recent number from the Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll show Reynolds trailing Democrat Fred Hubbell by two percentage points.

“You want to continue on the success and keep Iowa moving,” Governor Reynolds said. “The state is moving in the right direction. Or do Iowans want to stop and reverse course, and go back to the bad old days of the Culver administration? Higher taxes, more debt, massive spending. I don’t believe they want to go back.”

It seems to be a closer race than normal for eight-term Republican Congressman Steve King.

In the Des Moines Register poll, the unnamed Republican candidate leads the unnamed Democrat by 4 percentage points. King attributes the close race to a smear campaign by Democrats.

“They mounted this nasty, dishonest, multi-million dollar attack from the left coast people that are there and they keep pouring that over my head, [and] telling lies to Northwest Iowa,” Representative King said. “But standing here, you know they know the truth. They’ve known me for 20 years. They know I’ve kept my word for over 20 years.”

Mike Naig, Paul Pate, and Senator Joni Ernst also joining in the election eve rally.