DES MOINES, Iowa — A bill introduced by an Iowa House Republican this week in the Iowa Legislature could shake up how Iowa Democrats run general election caucuses.

“If we do nothing and the current Democratic National Committee proposal before them by the state of Iowa is adopted, we lose First in the Nation status period,” said Iowa State Representative Bobby Kaufmann, (R), District 82 from Wilton.

Rep. Kaufmann is the bill sponsor, and the son of the Iowa GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann.

The bill would require Iowans wanting to participate in caucuses to register with a party 70 days ahead of the caucus date. Currently the state allows for same day registration to participate in caucuses. The bill also says that mail in or absentee voting is not allowed in a state caucus, and participants must be physically present in order to participate.

The changes the bill brings could potentially kill the proposed changes Iowa Democrats submitted to the DNC 10-months-ago. Those changes were allowing for mail in or absentee voting to expand access during caucus season.

“I am also not a fan of the requiring of people to be in person to vote. The Democratic party has been working very hard to expand access to caucuses, it is a little bit of an exclusive group that gets to participate in the in person caucuses on the one night of the week,” said Iowa State Representative Amy Nielsen (D), District 85 from North Liberty.

Rep. Kaufmann mentioned that he had talked to Republican party leaders about the bill and talked with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

Rep. Kaufmann was hired as a senior advisor to Former President Trump’s re-election campaign back in February. Kaufmann said that the bill is not tied to any candidate at all.

“This has absolutely nothing to do with a specific candidate,” said Rep. Kaufmann.

The bill advanced out of the House ways and means subcommittee and will be brought in front of the full committee on Thursday.