DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — Iowans have been asking for property tax relief as values have skyrocketed this year, and they finally may get it.

Iowa Republican leadership announced on Monday afternoon that the party has come to an agreement on property tax reform.

The bill has been worked on in both chambers for the entirety of the session, and the agreement on how to move forward is a massive step in closing out the session for the year.

Party leadership each sent out statements today on the agreement:

“My commitment to cutting taxes for the hard-working people of Iowa has never been stronger. After enacting the largest tax cut in state history last year, I’m proud to work alongside the House and Senate to begin property tax reform this year. Earlier this session I signed legislation to make state government more efficient, effective, and less expensive for Iowa taxpayers. This serves as a model for local governments, and property tax reform is a good first step.” 

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, (R)

“We heard the urgent concerns of Iowans about rising property assessments. This agreement delivers on our promise to protect homeowners from huge property tax increases. I appreciate Senator Dawson’s tireless work on this bill, which will result in the most significant property tax reform in our state’s history.”

Iowa Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver, (R)

“With House Republicans representing all 99 of Iowa’s 99 counties, we are in a better position than ever to listen to Iowans. Our constituents spoke loud and clear that property tax relief must be a top priority this session and we got straight to work.  I am very proud of the work Representative Kaufmann has done to deliver on yet another promise made to Iowans. This is a good first step and we will continue to work hard to provide certainty and relief for Iowa taxpayers.” 

Speaker of the Iowa House Pat Grassley, (R)

With Iowa Senate Democrats agreeing that this legislation is important, the earlier version of the bill only received one “no” vote when being debate on the floor.

“The property tax agreement announced today is an important, needed step forward that will provide real relief for the taxpayers who need it most. Big corporations and the wealthiest Iowans have gotten their tax cuts – it’s about time the middle-class caught a break, too. 

Iowa State Senator Pam Jochum, (D), District 36, Dubuque

The Iowa Senate is set to debate the newly agreed upon legislation on Tuesday.