DES MOINES, Iowa — An Iowa congressman hopes new legislation will better protect schools from cybercriminals.

On Monday, Representative Zach Nunn said that his plan would share cyber protection with schools, improve data privacy tools, and give schools help following a cyber-attack.

Hackers attacked the Des Moines Public School District in January, shutting down school for several days. Nunn hopes new federal resources can help in the future.

“Providing those resources, that’s something that’s sustainable that can be operated year after year after year so that schools have this ability to be on the front line of defending against ransomware versus being the number one target of ransomware,” said Rep. Nunn (R) of Iowa’s 3rd District.

Des Moines Public Schools officials say that the district’s still dealing with issues three months after the attack and will notify families in a few weeks if they’ve had private information breached.