Iowa Rep. Ashley Hinson’s message to migrants: ‘Don’t come to the United States, period’

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IOWA — Republican Congresswoman Ashley Hinson is asking the Biden Administration to increase funding for border security after touring facilities there this week.

Hinson toured a detention center where migrant children are being housed and processed. Hinson said the children were being treated well, but authorities on the border are in need of more resources. Hinson called the visit reaffirming.

“I guess it’s reaffirming that our border patrol agents are completely overwhelmed, that the cartels are switching up their game every day to keep one step ahead of our law enforcement agencies and that we do have a crisis at the border,” Hinson told WHO 13’s Dave Price, “I think what’s been most surprising to me is to hear the candid stories of law enforcement who are really frustrated that they’re not able to best serve, and keep their community safe because their resources are being stretched so thin.”

Representative Hinson said border agents need better funding, more man power and improved facilities. She says those upgrades could help with immediate needs as Congress works on long term solutions. Hinson says she believes the US needs to be “tougher” on immigration.

“I think it starts by saying: ‘don’t come to the United States, period.’ We are in a pandemic, you’re in a border crisis and as soon as they’re getting across this border they’re calling their friends back home and saying ‘We made it, go ahead and come.’ It is sending the wrong message. We need stronger language coming from the Biden Administration on this. It’s not now, it’s don’t come.”

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