Iowa prison inmates fixing donated bikes for kids to have on Christmas

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KCAU) – Doing some good from behind bars, inmates at an Iowa prison are refurbishing more than two dozen bicycles for kids and just in time for Christmas.

These three men are working hard to give Quad City kids a brighter Christmas.

The trio are inmates at Scott County Jail.

They’re working on these donated bikes, sprucing up old handlebars and replacing worn tires.

“For this time of year, it makes me feel good. Feel like I am giving back to the community and doing something positive,” Xavier Cuevas, inmate.

There are 25 children who will receive the newly refurbished bikes, as well as new helmets.

For inmate Christopher Garden, the program gives him something different to do.

“It gets me out the wing. I get to get fresh air every day, don’t have to sit in there and listen to the other guys nagging. But most of all, it’s the kids’ faces when they smiling, knowing they getting something special,” said Christopher Garden, inmate.

Garden is a father of four who gets out of prison next January.

He says the program has reinforced how much he loves his daughters and how hard he’ll work to provide for them on the outside.

“What I learned out of this is, it’s better to give. Then you know what I mean, just to be on the bad side all the time,” said Garden.

Inmates work on these bikes throughout the year and they’re handed out to kids at Friendly House.

But not all the bikes go to kids, some of them go to newly-released inmates who don’t have a car.

“We have about 200 bicycles, and we provide them to needy people, whether they aren’t supposed to drive or have no way of buying their own bike,” said Officer Bo, Scott County Jail.

If anything, the program gives inmates the opportunity to prove they are willing to make amends and give back to the community.

“I guess, for real, it’s really just a nice thing to do,” said Christopher Garden, inmate.

This is the fifteenth year the Scott County Sheriff’s Office and the Friendly House have teamed up for this project.

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