SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — There have been at least three drowning deaths in Iowa rivers during the month of July.

Officials are urging the public to practice common sense safety when going out on the water.

Spending time in Iowa’s waterways can be dangerous as many of them are large bodies of water with unpredictable hazards.

Before heading out, check the river conditions. Make sure to plan your route ahead of time, wear a life jacket and always drink responsibly.

With the right precautions, spending time on the water can be safe and fun.

“This is not the lazy river at the local water park and we say exactly that on our website there are inherent risks like strainers downed trees stuff like that that’s out there. A lot of it just comes down to if you wear your life jacket and you use a little common sense at least on the stretch of river that we float it’s not fast it’s running two to three miles an hour these strainers or trees that might be on the sides of the banks they don’t just happen to be there quickly. Pay attention and you’ll be fine. Thousands and thousands of people float the river just fine every year,” said Joel Bryan of Seven Oaks Recreation.