WARREN COUNTY, Iowa – A Norwalk woman charged with murder in the death of her newborn son is asking a judge to reduce her bond.

A bond review hearing has been scheduled for April 24, to hear the motion filed by Megan Staude’s attorney. Her lawyer claims the $1 million cash-only bond that was imposed at her March 14 arraignment is excessive and violates both state and federal constitutions.

Staude’s attorney claims she is not a flight risk because she doesn’t have a driver’s license, car, passport or more than $300 in savings. The motion also said Staude is not a danger to the public, as “the alleged offense arises from the birth of the Defendant’s own child…”

Megan Staude and her father, 64-year-old Rodney Staude, are both charged with first-degree murder in the death of the infant.

Court records show police were contacted on March 8th by Megan’s co-workers, who expressed concern about the health and safety of her newborn. During the investigation, police said Megan and Rodney were initially untruthful about what happened.

Rodney Staude

Megan later admitted to giving birth at the family’s Norwalk home on February 24. She told investigators she put the baby in a box and he cried on and off for two days. She didn’t provide any care during that time and on February 26 she and Rodney put the baby, who was still alive, in a trash bag.

A criminal complaint in the case said Rodney told police after the baby was in the bag, he closed it, before discarding it in a ditch.

The infant’s remains were found in a ditch in the 5300 block of Delaware Street, south of Norwalk.

Megan Staude and Rodney Staude have both entered pleas of not guilty in the case. They are both scheduled to be in court on April 24th for pre-trial conferences, in addition to the bond review hearing for Megan.