Iowa man sees color for first time with a gift from his father

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An Iowa gave his son the gift of color on Christmas. 

For 23 years, Nick Noah has only seen faint red, blue and green hues. He’s colorblind. 

But when his dad Mike gave him a pair of Enchroma sunglasses on Christmas, he saw an explosion of color for the very first time.

The entire thing was captured on video and has gone viral on social media. 

“It was life-changing, I guess that would be the term to call it,” said Nick Noah.

“It started to make me cry a little bit,” said Mike Noah.

Nick had been researching colorblind glasses and really wanted a pair, but had no idea they were already under the tree.

“He said, ‘Hey, just in case you guys are looking for a Christmas present,’ and I was like ‘Oh my god. I already bought them,'” said Mike Noah.

Nick says it was sensory overload at the beginning followed by shock. He couldn’t believe that what he saw is what he was missing out on his whole life.

“He knows it’s red, because everyone told him it’s red,” said Mike Noah. “He knows with stop lights, its green, yellow and red, but it’s a different red to him, a different green to him.”

And seeing that first stop light was mind-blowing for Nick. 

“I was like no way has it always been that green, and my family goes, ‘Yeah, that’s just a traffic light,'” said Nick.

Seeing stoplights, and the grass and sky is probably something a lot of people take for granted. For Mike to watch his son see the world through his eyes was the best part of all. 

“It’s not a crippling disease, so you just forget about it. And you don’t realize until you put the glasses on and oh wow now he sees my world,” said Mike Noah.

The touching video has gone viral on social media with over 2 million views on Twitter.

“I wasn’t thrilled to have a million people see me cry.”

Since it reached so many people, Nick’s hopeful these glasses will help others, because they have changed his life for the better.

“I think what we need to be most thankful for is we reached out to well over 2-3 million people with this video and hopefully at least one other person will see that video and say, ‘Hey, I know someone who’s color blind and I’m going to get these glasses for them.'”

The glasses cost about $350. Since they worked so well, Nick is planning on getting a pair he can wear indoors. 

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