DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — Tom Lloyd has finally been released from the hospital after suffering injuries from the tornado in Winterset.

“My uncle is a survivor. Plain and simple,” said Stefanie Craig, Tom Lloyd’s niece.

Lloyd lost his wife, Cecilia, of 29 years along with his two dogs. His home completely ripped apart from the storm that tore through town. After suffering injuries to his head, fracturing 8 ribs and having pieces of wood removed out of his body, his family says he is grateful to be home.

“He is so thrilled to be back home again and comfortable and surrounded by his family,” said Craig.

According to family and friends, Lloyd is most known for being positive and this tragedy has not changed that.

“I think it is about attitude I think a lot of times in these situations, you just got to be thankful for what you can be thankful for,” Craig said. “And despite losing his home, his wife, his two dogs, everything that he has got; he knows he has got his life.”

That positive attitude doesn’t stop and start at his front doorstep. Tom is regarded as someone who is always smiling according place of employment. He works as an assistant manager at the Winterset Hy-Vee.

“No matter the day he has always got a smile on his face and he is always happy, cheerful no matter what happens,” said Jason Wieck, the store manager at the Winterset Hy-Vee. “So he just means a lot to all of his staff here, customers as well as you can see by the amount of signatures.”

The signatures that Wieck is referring to sits up in the store every day. There are 3 posters filled with people from all around the community wishing Tom well, and a jar set out to collect change from people to help with expenses.

As fellow co-workers have started raising money for Tom’s hospital bills and expenses down the line. His son has set up a GoFundMe for Tom to help with the burden of costs as well.