Iowa man convicted for plotting armed home invasion against domain name owner

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCAU) – A jury has convicted an Iowa man who planned an armed home invasion against the owner of a domain name. 

Rossi Lorathio Adams II, 26, from Cedar Rapids, was convicted by a jury on Thursday for conspiracy to interfere with commerce by force, threats, and violence, according to the Northern District of Iowa of the U.S. Attorney’s Office. 

They said that Adams created the social media company “State Snaps” while a student at Iowa State University in 2015. With over a million followers on his social media sites, including Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, He would share images and videos of “images and videos of young adults engaged in crude behavior, drunkenness, and nudity. Iowa State University administrators objected to the material.

They said that followers of Adams would use the slogan, “Do It For State!”  Between 2015 and 2017, Adams tried to purchase the Internet domain “” from a Cedar Rapids resident, but they refused to sell it.  Adams reportedly threatened a friend of the domain owner with “gun emojis” after the friend used the domain to promote concerts.

Adams then enlisted Sherman Hopkins, Jr., his cousin, and a convicted felon, to break into the domain owner’s home and force him to transfer the domain to Adams.  

On June 21, 2017, Adams drove Hopkins to the house of the domain owner and handed him a demand note. Hopkins then broke in and after getting the victim to their computer, he gave them the demands on transferring the domain name. 

Hopkins put the gun against their head and then pistol-whipped the victim several times in the head. The victim managed to grab the gun but was shot in the leg during the struggle. The victim then shot Hopkins multiple times in the chest before calling the police. 

Adams faces a possible maximum sentence of 20 years’ imprisonment, a $250,000 fine, and three years of supervised release following any imprisonment

Hopkins was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment in June 2018.

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