FORT DODGE, Iowa (WHO) — The iconic Crossroads Mall in Fort Dodge will soon be no more. The city is working on a development to remove most of the mall and replace it with a $90 million Corridor Plaza project.

“We are working with ATI group on looking at how we recruit retailers and restaurants to the site,“ said Economic Development Director for Fort Dodge Chad Schaffer. “There will be multiple strip centers looking at multiple restaurants, retailers, that kind of fits in with the entertainment component of this whole project.”

The goal, said Schaffer, is to create a place that would draw people to Fort Dodge. The large pavilion will host events during the winter and summer which could bring people to town.

“From a strategic planning standpoint, the Council has really directed staff to, to look at your how do we attract tourists to Fort Dodge and Webster County and we bring in folks from a workforce standpoint,” said Schaffer. “How do we bring those, those young folks, those young families to Fort Dodge?”

The current Crossroads Mall has two tenants: a restaurant and a store called Shoe Sensation. It is the last store open inside the mall. Others have ceased business or found new quarters.

“Some days, it’s wonderful. Some days, it’s kind of creepy, but it’s fun. We have a ball. Customers come in, and they’re fascinated by the fact that we are the last standing store,” said Laura Lloyd, the Shoe Sensation Assistant Manager, “With the construction going on, it’s throwing some of the traffic off, but we do do a fair amount of business.”