DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — This week at the Iowa Statehouse, a House subcommittee is going through a 1600-page bill proposed by Governor Kim Reynolds.

The bill would consolidate 37 state agencies into 16, in order to streamline the state government process. Lawmakers said that this hasn’t been looked at for over 40 years. The Senate had already moved the governor’s bill through a subcommittee, leaving it now up to the House to push it through.

The subcommittee has hearings set up for every day this week to ask questions to different department heads about their thoughts on the proposed changes. On Tuesday, department heads from the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, Drug Control, and more answered those questions.

Part of the bill outlines the Iowa Utilities Board absorbing the Office of the Consumer Advocate. Members of the public spoke at the subcommittee that this is what their concern is.

“The OCA was not set up to be a loyal member of the governor or attorney general’s team, they were set up to be a watchdog,” said Steve Falck, a Senior Policy Advocate for Environmental Law and Policy Center.

The conversations continue Wednesday at noon during the House subcommittee.