DES MOINES, Iowa (KCAU) — Iowa lawmakers forwarded a bill Wednesday that would prohibit the usage of cell phones unless it’s hands-free.

Current Iowa law states drivers can use their phones while driving for GPS and phone calls.

Trooper Karen Yaneff with the Iowa State Patrol told KCAU 9 that law enforcement is pleased and excited to see the bill advanced in an Iowa House committee.

“With the [Iowa] State Patrol, Department of Public Safety, and the Department of Transportation, we’ve ween wanting this for a very long time. Obviously, it’s gonna change the behavior of people,” Yaneff said. “Everyone’s gonna be all up in arms about this, because it’s something that’s new, but once everything if we change that behavior, reduce those crashes. That is the goal to make sure safety is the deal.”

The bill is waiting to by discussed by a House Committee .