Iowa gun store busy as new gun rules announced

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MASSENA, Iowa (WHO) — At McCunn Specialty Firearms the business has been busy, but they don’t call it panic buying.

“After Covid hit last year in March, and we’re right over a year from that, it’s amazing how many come in our store, hundreds of people we don’t know we’re driving for several hours away,” said owner Brice McCunn. “Over the last year, people are staying home, and maybe need a new activity, needed something to do.”

Of President Joe Biden’s gun regulation announcements, one is of concern here, that’s the ban on a popular brace for a pistol.

“For us, it’s kind of how they’re going to classify the braces,” said McCunn. “What we’re understanding, they’re going to classify the brace on an A.R. pistol as a short barrel rifle, which in turn means more paperwork, a federal tax, and registration.”

The business also operates the only shooting range between Des Moines and Omaha. McCunn was asked about how some people view having guns around as the reason for more gun violence.

“We’re looking at self-defense and hunting, of course, of course, we push the personal protection as much as we can,” said Brice. “Be ready, that’s a big thing expect the unexpected, it’s a tough question to answer, but the business we’re in we try to stay positive as much as we can.”

The company also is busy selling gun safes, which are secure places to store guns.

Meanwhile, the group Moms Demand Action is working to tighten gun laws and that group posted on its Facebook Page.

“President Biden knows elected leaders owe us more than thoughts and prayers to end our gun violence crisis, they owe us action,” said the Facebook post. “The steps President Biden is taking today will save lives.”

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