GRINNELL, Iowa – A hail storm wreaked havoc in Grinnell this past Sunday and residents are now left to deal with the damage.

Kim and Joyce Bergan, Grinnell residents, were some of the hardest hit by the storm Sunday.

“When the hail hit it was really loud it was so loud I was screaming at him like we need to get in the basement,” Joyce Bergan said, “We’re thinking when the door hit the house is when it knocked over the cabinet in the living room so he was kind of getting around that and then it was just so loud and then kind of was done.”

The Bergan’s home suffered damage to the siding, windows, and roof. Wind from the storm also completely demolished a shed on the property, flipped one of their cars, and deposited storm debris into their home.

“The service door that’s on the shed, that’s completely demolished. When it hit the house it knocked the cabinet over. If it had probably gone maybe eight feet further to the north, through the bay window, it might have been a completely different story today so we’re lucky really lucky,” Kim Bergan said.