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IOWA CITY, Iowa (Iowa News Now) — Like most of us, the Gibson family is stuck at home.

“Three teenagers and a ten-year-old,” says dad Aaron. “Everybody is running in different directions so this is a good opportunity to spend time together and do something fun as a family.”

Unlike most of us, this Iowa City clan shares a talented trait.

“I grew up in Iowa City and went up through the band program then marched at Iowa,” Aaron says.

It started as a project for the Hawkeye alumni band: Dad plays trombone while mom Kari films. They’ve got a percussionist, a tuba player, a trumpeter, and ten year old A.J. rounds out the musical side of the family by serving as band leader as the group plays the “Iowa Fight Song.”

“Our first video kept getting shared and shared,” Kari says.

“We were all like, ‘What in the world?'” adds daughter Emma.

Aaron chuckles as he says, “Got more attention than I thought we would.”

The family also did a rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” with A.J. dressed as Mr. Potato Head.

The quarantine quintet never expected to be featured on the national news. Monday their “Toy Story” themed video was shared on the CBS Morning News Twitter page.

Their first TV interview with Iowa’s News Now took less rehearsal than the virtual concerts.

“It’s good bonding,” says Kaylee.

“It’s always fun to hear the finished product when we get it to work right,” Emma adds.

Shannon Moudy asks, “You guys don’t just like get the sheet music and do it perfectly on the first try?”

“No!” the family exclaims.

“Oh, especially me,” Aaron chuckles.

Practice does make perfect family time. Especially since one of those busy teens, Emma, will graduate this year. Though it may not be the pomp and circumstance she dreamed.

“It’s given me something to do to take my mind off the fact I’m missing my last theater production, potentially,” Emma says. “Graduation may be canceled.”

Coronavirus has taken so much, but it may also be giving us a lot: new appreciation of things we’ve taken for granted and things worth staying home for.

“And even something as small as making somebody smile through a goofy video,” Aaron says.

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