Iowa bill would allow parents to teach their children how to drive

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A bill in the Iowa legislature would allow parents to teach their kids to drive without taking them to driver’s ed school.

As of now, only homeschooled kids are allowed to learn from their parents, but officials are working to expand that to all students

“Parents have too much going on already that this is the last thing they need on their plate,” Todd Ferry, the owner of Driving Academy said. “They’re going to have to follow the same requirements that we do as a drivers ed company.”

The bill would make a few changes. Hours for driving with a parent would be increased from 20 to 30 and parents would not be required to have a break on the passenger side of their vehicle, a rule instructors currently have to follow

“You’re going to see statistically, a lot of the accidents go up when it comes to new drivers. I also feel that jobs are going to be lost because of this,” said Ferry.

Some families said they would prefer to teach their own children in order to avoid the high costs of drivers education. They say sending two of your children through drivers school can cost nearly $800.

Lisa Muston is a mother of two. She believes driving lessons should be a combined effort between parent and teacher, but learning the laws from an expert is crucial, especially for someone who is new behind the wheel.

“Laws are always changing, and it’s really important our students and children know how important the laws are and how to follow them and I do think drivers education does a great job at teaching that,” Muston said. “Where as often times, I feel as a parent kids kind of watch what we do and sometimes we may not follow every single law.”

“You’re going to have parents that are showing drivers or their kids bad habits,” Ferry said. “We already see it, when the kids are in our car for an hour or so. They’re doing things that we know the parents have taught them.”

The bill is on it’s way to the Senate for debate.

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