DAVENPORT, Iowa (WHBF) — Officers with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources need your help to solve a dreadful mystery in Davenport.

This past Sunday, an Iowa DNR officer found a dead dog inside a cage that was dumped in the woods. The officer made the discovery around 2 p.m. while patrolling the area of Concord Street and Wapello Avenue, close to the Interstate 280 bridge.

The officer said some dog toys and a Disney princess dog collar were found in the cage with the dog. The dog’s body was wrapped in a shower curtain and was still fresh, leading investigators to believe it was either left there that day or the day before. They believed the dog is a mixed breed of some sort.

The officer said their goal now is to find the dog’s owner, and potentially the person who left it there. DNR first tried to find that answer by scanning the dog’s body for microchips, but they didn’t find one.

That led them to their next option: turning to the public to find answers. To do that, the DNR posted photos of the dog and the items found with it on their Facebook page Monday evening. Since then, the post has been shared nearly 1,000 times, and the officer who found the dog said they are now following a few leads.

The officer said finding the dead dog upset him and his fellow officers, but he’s grateful for the public’s help in the investigation so far.

“Us officers, when we found the dog … We’re all pet owners ourselves, dog lovers, so we weren’t very happy when we found the dog,” said Nick Rocca, the Iowa DNR Conservation Officer who discovered the dog’s body. “We are appreciative of the information coming in, the leads we’re getting. We are very pleased and thankful for everybody that’s commenting on social media.”

Officer Rocca said the DNR can’t get into any specific details of the leads they’re following just yet, but they hope to find answers soon. Local 4 News will continue to follow this story.