WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — A West Des Moines man and woman are charged with murder after the man’s father died from apparent neglect, police say.

Steven Schaper died in the summer of 2022 after he was taken from the home he shared with his son during a medical emergency. First responders found Schaper living in deplorable conditions. On Tuesday, Jacob Schaper, 24, and his fiancé, Jocelyn Grisham, 23, were charged with second-degree murder for allegedly neglecting Steven, leading to his death.

Authorities were called to the home on the 200 block of 1st Street in West Des Moines on August 10, 2022, after Jacob Schaper reported his father was having a medical emergency. According to court documents, Jacob told EMTs at the scene that his father was diabetic and “had been bedridden for a month” and hadn’t taken”any of his prescription medication for a long time”. Jacob also told them his father’s appearance had changed suddenly, and he thought he was having a stroke.

EMTs and police who responded to the scene described the condition of the home as “deplorable”. Steven Schaper was found “lying on a feces and urine soaked mattress”, his physical condition “was skin and bones” and his “teeth were black and appeared to be rotting out”. His weight was estimated to be 80-90 pounds. As he was transported to the hospital, he reportedly said to EMTS: “help me”. Steven Schaper died at the hospital.

On Tuesday, more than six months after Steven Schaper’s death, Jacob Schaper and Jocelyn Grisham were taken into custody. They remain in custody at the Polk County Jail as of Tuesday afternoon.