ANAMOSA, Iowa – An Iowa Corrections officer is getting ready to take on a monumental challenge starting in Sioux City. All to honor two of his colleagues who lost their lives nearly two months ago.

Nurse Lorena Schulte and officer Robert McFarland were killed trying to stop what officials described as a prison break. Two inmates are charged with murder in their deaths.

Officer Ryan Miller started on the same shift with McFarland. Now he’s planning to run across the state to raise money for the families of the victims. From June 4 to the 12, he’ll run an average of 40 miles a day for a total of 339 miles.

He says McFarland and Schulte will be on his mind the entire time.

“On the days where I say ‘Oh, I don’t want to run,’ I think about how blessed I am to have the opportunity to run. A lot of people don’t. So absolutely, it’s a motivation,” Miller said.

Miller hopes to raise $20,000 for McFarland’s family. He’s inviting folks to run with him at various stops. There’s a map of his route on That’s where you’ll also find a GoFundMe for the McFarlands.

Miller starts his run in Sioux City on June 4.