DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — On Wednesday, as Governor Kim Reynolds spoke at the Veterans on the Hill event, legislation was going through the subcommittee that would help Iowa’s veterans.

Senate Study Bill 3036 would waive fees for motor vehicle registration for disabled veterans. The study bill passed the Veterans Affairs Iowa State Senate Subcommittee with the State Senators signing off on it.

“We passed the bill but what we are doing, we are still going to talk about the things we can do,” said State Senator Mark Lofgren (R) from Muscatine. “Maybe things based more on a percentage, so I think that is fair.”

Lofgren mentioned making the waiving of fees percentage-based. The current language of the bill includes “disabled veterans with a service-related disability rating of 50 percent or higher as determined by the United States Department of veteran affairs.”.

Lobbyists in the subcommittee wanted there to be percentages applied, so in some cases, the fees would be completely waived and in other cases, a percentage would be taken off. That would all be based on the service-related disability rating.

Lofgren added that the bill most likely will be sent to the Ways and Means Committee in the State Senate; that is where the fee language will be determined based on the impact on the fiscal cost.

The bill was sent with the current language and will be changed upon further discussion. Lofgren is hopeful that the bill could see the floor this year, but there are other veteran issues that need to be highlighted as well.