DES MOINES, Iowa (KCAU) — Lawmakers in Iowa’s house passed a bill that would restrict access to the state auditor is able to access during the audit but Iowa’s auditor says the bill will hurt the system of checks and balances in the state government.

Most of the bill outlines what types of documents the state auditor may access over the course of an audit. However, the final paragraph of the bill states that any disputes between any departments, offices, or committees of the executive branch must first be submitted to a new arbitration board made up of 3 members, one of which will be appointed by the governor.

That board will resolve any disputes and its decision is final. It also forbids litigation between departments, offices, and committees of the executive branch.

Some Iowa lawmakers have defended the bill, saying it is simply meant to protect privacy. Auditor Sand says there’s no evidence to support that.

“Notice in the bill, our subpoena power, and our ability to go to court still exists if we’re looking at local entities,” said Rob San, “But the Iowa legislature, and the governor just exempted themselves. Without exempting local governments. That too undermines the idea that this has anything to do with privacy.”

Auditor Sand says if the bill passes, it will jeopardize the state’s access to federal funding because it conflicts with auditing standards. The amended bill now goes back to the Iowa Senate for approval.