CLIVE, Iowa (WHO) — Former President Donald Trump hit the campaign trail on Monday in Central Iowa.

He first stopped at the Dallas County Fairgrounds in Adel, and then the Horizon Events Center in Clive. The former president was introduced by Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird, who officially endorsed Trump on Monday.

“It was my honor earlier today to endorse President Donald Trump,” said Bird. “President Trump, he has my full support, he has the support of the people of Iowa, and in 91 days we are going to win the Iowa caucuses.”

The former president was introduced by Bird as the two stood to pose for photographs.

Trump spent most of his speech comparing his administration to the Biden administration. He said on Monday that if he were still in the White House, Ukraine wouldn’t have been invaded and Israel would not have been attacked. He continued on about the Middle East, saying he would reinstate his travel ban if re-elected.

“In addition we will aggressively deport resident aliens with jihadist sympathies, we have to. This isn’t like being Mr. Nice Guy, we have to. Or we’re going to have a country that’s going to be blown to shreds,” said Trump.

Trump touched a bit on the four indictments he currently faces, along with the other contenders for the Republican nomination. He spent the most time comparing DeSantis’ poll numbers to his, urging his supporters to show up on January 15.