DES MOINES, Iowa (KCAU) — Attorney General Tom Miller announced on Thursday that his office has reached a deal with e-cigarette manufacturer JUUL Labs, Inc (LJI) that involves both a cash payment to the AG’s office and a change in how the company markets its products.

In a press release, Miller said that his office accused JUUL of promoting its products to people under the age of 21 as a violation of Iowa’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

“E-cigarettes should be promoted to smokers as a less harmful alternative, but not to youth,” Miller said.

The agreement does not require JUUL to admit any wrongdoing or accept any fault.

Miller also said that the agreement strikes a balance between JUUL’s ability to market its products while still ensuring compliance with Deceptive Trade Practices laws.

As part of the agreement, JUUL will send $5 million over the next four years to the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services. This money will be used to help Iowans quit e-cigarette use, fund education and preventative programs, facilitate the adoption of age-verification technologies and to enforce related programs in support of Iowa and Federal Laws.

Restrictions on how JUUL is marketed constitute a large part of the agreement. JUUL will not be able to use cartoons or depict people under the age of 35 using its products. The company also may not use billboards or use hashtags on social media to promote its products.

JLI will only be able to sponsor adults-only events or by use the abbreviation “JLI” if it sponsors events that are not adult-only.

JLI will also have to limit the retail sales of its products. For products sold in Iowa, only one device and up to 16 pods will be able to be purchased in a single transaction. Online transactions to Iowa residents will have to be limited to two devices and 60 JUUL pods per month. The company will also have to recommend credit card companies print “JUUL TOBACCO Product” on credit card statements.

JLI will also have to designate a compliance officer to ensure the agreement with the Attorney General’s office is followed.