INWOOD, IOWA (KELO) — Inwood, Iowa is one of many communities affected by last winter’s piles of snow.

The community here in Inwood lost an integral piece of the downtown area. The snowfall caused massive amounts of damage to the community center but city leaders are now working to fix and revamp it.

There was over a million dollars worth of damage to the gymnasium and other parts of the building. Which is why Mayor Elect Becca Bixler made this project a priority.

“We want to rebuild quickly, we also want to rebuild and have the building be what we need it to be for, hopefully, the next 50 years,” said Becca Bixler, mayor-elect.

Bixler worked with the City Council and residents in the community for the last year to create plans for a new and improved center.

“It’s also given us a chance to do those enhancements, to you know, the library, to the gym, to the fitness center, to the meeting rooms, and all those different things,” said Justin Bonnema, resident.

“It’s going to be bigger. It’s going to be better it’s going to be completely equipped for the needs of the community now and in the future,” Bixler said.

Now, they have moved their focus to fundraising. So far they have received around 650K, but more will be needed.

“There’ll be more to come in terms of community meals, you know, local groups doing fundraisers on their own and contributing that way individuals contributing in different ways,” Bonnema said.

The goal is to bring the new and improved center to the area in the next two years.