POLK CITY,  Iowa — In late April early May work began on a farmhouse near Polk City. Crews were building a Central Iowa version of the Field of Dreams to be used to make a TV series.

On Thursday the entertainment publication Variety published a story saying the NBC Peacock streaming service is pulling back the project.

“The “Field of Dreams TV adaptation is no longer happening at PeacockVariety has learned exclusively. Universal Television is currently shopping the project to other outlets,” wrote the publication.

On Friday, work was still on-going to build a baseball field in front of a Polk County farmhouse.

“It’s been very interesting, negotiating to see this come about,” said the owner of the property, who did not wish to be identified. 

She said she learned that the project would be put on hold.

“The producer let me know this would happen,” said the owner.

She still expressed confidence that the project would eventually be produced.

When asked if this new Field of Dreams would become a Central Iowa tourist attraction, she said that she had no idea, if that would happen.

In nearby Polk City, it was hard to find anyone who knew about this unique project near their town.

“Not shocking,  more shocking that I hadn’t heard anything about it,” said Ryan Halterman, owner of the Rising Sun Café in Polk City. “Quite honestly, something like that should be maybe a little bit bigger of a deal that would be announced a little bit more.”

Even though the Variety article said the show would not be on Peacock, the work on building the field was progressing with crews from Iowa Sports Turf. These crews constructed the Field of Dreams major league diamond at Dyersville, they also laid the new sod for Jack Trice Stadium.

Electrical crews were wiring the lights and a couple of big trucks from Mid-American Energy were there beefing up the power lines to the property.