WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — In a restructuring move this week, Hy-Vee has eliminated 121 positions from its corporate office.  Of that group, 102 were offered other jobs in the company, in retail and corporate offices.

“Keep in mind that out of more than 1,500 positions that are corporate offices we had 121 positions that were impacted some of those areas that were impacted were communications, customer care, marketing, IT and our private brands,” said Tina Pottoff, Spokesperson for Hy-Vee. “What we’re saying is that this is a corporate restructure and really it impacts 121 positions across our three corporate offices, located here in Des Moines Iowa.”

Nineteen people were not offered any other positions with Hy-Vee.

Pottoff said, “Every several months we always look at our employee count and really where people are at within the company and as we were moving forward looking at our employee numbers we saw that we had a major need within our stores for people to be filling positions within the stores, versus the corporate office we were little too heavy on the corporate side and we wanted people to move into the store side or the retail side.”

Pottoff said it is not known if there will be more employment reductions. 

“That hasn’t been talked about I mean we’re simply keeping our eye on the fact of inflation, there’s … there’s several things that all companies are going through right now we’re looking at inflation and the rate of inflation we’re looking at high gas prices all those things play a part in our business moving forward it’s hard to predict the future,” said Pottoff.

The company has a total of 93,000 employees and states this really is 1/10 of 1% of the workforce, according to Pottoff.  Employees who lost their jobs will be paid a two-week’s salary as severance.

“Hy-Vee is doing well it’s vibrant and strong the company is not going away anytime soon, there is nothing in our future that is holding us back from expanding,” said Pottoff. “Really what this comes down to is there were several areas that were impacted, we’re still gonna be involved in the community we’re still moving forward with all of our events we just had to re-shuffle, and unfortunately it didn’t make everybody happy.”