(KCAU) — Iowa’s largest grocery store chain is sending a carvan of relief aid south today.

Hy-Vee is sending a truck-full of supplies and volunteers to Kentucky. The group rolled out this morning.

They say they started planning a response as soon as they saw the pictures of the damage from the weekend storms.

Right now, they say there is one major thing that is needed in the distaster zone and Hy-Vee has plant of supplies.

“We found out what was the big need and right now it’s water. So we’re going to be going down there and we’re partnering with some non profits who are going to be providing meals, feeding the victs whoare homeless and without shelter. We also have a truck full of snacks that we’re going to distribute to first responders and those who are working around the clock,” one volunteer said.

Volunteers, mostly from Hy-Vee’s corporate team, are joining the relief mission.