OSCEOLA, Iowa (WHO) — Osceola fire crews remained on the scene over twenty hours after the initial call Tuesday night. Several got just four hours of sleep during that time span. Despite six departments from three counties battling the blaze, 120 years of history on Osceola’s town square has gone up in flames.

“We’re gonna continue to see some smoldering and some smoke from that building. Partial roof collapse, partial second-floor collapse, and lots of material packed on top of each other,” said Osceola Fire Chief Byron Jimmerson.

Receiving the fire call shortly after 11:00 pm Tuesday, firefighters were able to quickly evacuate residents in the apartments next door to the building at the corner of Main Street and Washington Street but saving the building built in 1902 was an insurmountable task. “A lot of planning and a lot to do and it will hurt the town more because it’s not there,” said Marie White who serves as a historian in Osceola.

City leaders recently green-lighted a $1 million facade grant project to renovate the town square and this building was included. “We need to protect our history. It’s a cornerstone of our square. It’s part of the uniqueness,” said Osceola Mayor Matt Stoll.

A major piece of a beloved town square is now gone forever. Stoll said, “One of the oldest buildings in town. It’s definitely when the older ones on the square cornerstone, you know. It’s a total loss. It’s terrible to see a building that significant gone.”

Because the integrity of the building is now in jeopardy local fire officials are asking the community to stay away from Washington and Main Street until the area is deemed safe and barricades are removed. Officials are still working to find out what caused the fire.