DES MOINES, Iowa (KCAU) — LGBTQ organizations said they’ve received dozens of calls from concerned parents and families after Iowa lawmakers passed Senate File 538 which banned gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth.

The bill prohibits treatment such as puberty blockers, hormone therapy and surgery from being given or performed on Iowans under 18. As it awaits Governor Reynold’s signature, officials with One Iowa said many of the calls from parents are worried about the future of their children that are transgender in Iowa and many families are considering leaving the state.

But for now, One Iowa wants to ensure the safety of trans kids.

“We’re going to launch a resource guide at the end of this week to try and help connect folks to resources so that they can help their kiddos survive. I mean that’s really what this is about: is helping these kids live long enough to get the heck out of Iowa,” said Director of Policy & Advocacy at One Iowa, Keenan Crow.

Iowa lawmakers are also considering a bill that would make students use bathrooms that match their assigned gender at birth and another one that would restrict what grades can discuss sexual orientation and gender identity at schools.