Groundbreaking discovery with fingerprints that could impact criminal investigations

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AMES, Iowa (WHO-TV) – Iowa State University (ISU) students and staff have made a groundbreaking discovery with fingerprints that could make a major impact in criminal investigations.

Former ISU grad student Paige Hinners and her professor Dr. Young Jin Lee discovered how to age fingerprints last February.

This practice can tell when and how long a person was at the scene of a crime.

“A suspect could potentially say ‘Oh no, I was at their house, a week previous.’ We would be able to say ‘Oh your fingerprint was three days old. The crime was three days old. So, therefore, you were also there on the day of the crime,'” said Hinners.

This tool can be used in criminal courts and to study how fatty oils in fingerprints could offer clues about a person’s health and other characteristics.

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