DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds on Wednesday announced that $100 million worth of funding would be invested in Iowa’s commercial airports.

The funding comes from the American Rescue Plan, which gave federal dollars to states to use how they see fit. In Iowa’s case, Reynolds thought it was best to use it in the Iowa Commercial Aviation Infrastructure Fund, which is controlled by the Iowa Department of Transportation.

“Iowa’s commercial airports play a vital role in supporting the economic development and prosperity of our state, and we need to ensure that continues to be the case for many more years to come,” said Gov. Reynolds.

Reynolds unveiled the new funding plan at the Des Moines International Airport, surrounded by people who run and maintain the airports across the state. Kevin Foley called this funding commitment “an investment in the future of our state”.

“Today’s investment is a vital one, it is a large one, and it is an investment in the quality of life, in talent attraction, in business connectivity and ultimately it’s in an investment in the future of our state,” said Kevin Foley, the Executive Director of the Des Moines International Airport

There are 8 total airports in the state that would qualify for the funding, with the goal in mind of modernizing the facilities. For how the dollars will be allocated, 90 percent of the funds will be distributed based on 2019’s passenger numbers with the final 10 percent being distributed equally among all 8 airports.