ANKENY, Iowa (WHO) — On a sweltering August morning, golfers continued to swing at a little ball, even though the temperature was climbing into the 90s toward the 100 mark.

It was so hot on Tuesday that some golfers took a pass on playing in the heat.

“We had two leagues cancel yesterday,” said Mike Mefford, of Otter Creek Golf Course.

“Three of us dropped out yesterday because it was so hot,” said Michael Kempke, of Lincoln, Nebraska. “I played through hole 16, but skipped 17 and 18.”

A couple of reasons why golfers played is because, like the Nebraska delegation, they had reservations for months to come here to the Des Moines area to golf.

“Golf is an addiction, once you get the bug in you,” said Curt Ingham, the Otter Creek Club Pro. “You want to hit balls, play golf, and sometimes you will play in the heat. A lot of guys that are not retired yet, are still working, so they will play in the heat.”

Chris Johnson of Ankeny took the day off from work, as it was the first day of school, he wanted to get his kids to school, and then play golf.

Michael Kempke was asked the secret to playing on a sweltering day.

“Water, a lot of water, I drank seven bottles of water yesterday,” said Kempke.