FORT DODGE, Iowa (WHO) — The tips have been pouring into the Fort Dodge Police Department since the Tuesday announcement of an investigation into the death of an infant.

“On November 22 the Communication Center received a call in reference to a woman that had given birth to a child, ” said Captain Dennis Quinn, of the Fort Dodge Police Department. “The child was deceased and the newborn’s body had been moved to a different location, so with something like that we send investigators to start looking into it.”

Quinn was not able to get into much detail on the case, other than to say the investigation is being conducted in multiple locations around the downtown area of Fort Dodge.

“Like all investigations, you know we start from the very beginning, and then we start to create like a timeline with locations, witnesses, suspects, anything,” said Quinn. “Evidence that we can start to find that tends to steer the investigation to where we can go next.”

The Fort Dodge PD is asking for help from the pubic, specifically for eyewitness accounts anyone may have had last week prior to Thanksgiving. There is also a request for any surveillance video from Central Avenue South to East Kenyon, and from South 7th Street east to South 12th Street. While there is great concern from the public to solve this, it has also impacted the officers working on the case.

“Our officers are mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, you know grandparents, and we know that’s the same thing with our community,” said Quinn. “Something like this touches everybody, the public, if they can help us in anyway, this is something that they really want to lend a helping hand to the Police Department and try to lend closure to the child.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Fort Dodge Police Department at (515)573-2323 or submit an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers at (515)573-1444