BALLARD, Iowa (WHO) — A former employee at Ballard High School is facing felony charges for allegedly having sex with a teenage student at the school last fall.

Jacob Dawson Alden was booked into the Story County Jail on Sunday, charged with 3rd Degree Sex Abuse and Sexual Exploitation by a School Employee. According to criminal complaints, Alden is accused of having intercourse with a 14-year-old student at Ballard High School.

The alleged assault happened in late October 2022 in the Information Technology room at the high school, according to the complaints. Alden resigned from his job as a Technology Specialist at the school in early-November, days after the alleged assault. In late November, a search warrant was executed seeking evidence from SnapChat connected to the allegations. The criminal complaints against Alden were filed on May 18th of this year.

Alden’s next court appearance is scheduled for early June.

WHO 13 has asked the Ballard School District for comment on Alden’s arrest.