AMES, Iowa (WHO)– A former Ames nurse practitioner is now facing federal charges for allegedly sex trafficking 14 victims and sexually exploiting a minor.

On Thursday a federal grand jury issued an indictment charging Carl Markley with 15 counts of sex trafficking by fraud and coercion, one count of sexual exploitation and attempted exploitation of a child, and one count of possession of child pornography.

Carl Markley

According to court documents, Markley allegedly trafficked victims from 2004 to April 2023 when he was arrested and charged by the Ames Police Department.

A criminal complaint states Markley had a clock and a pen with hidden cameras inside that were likely used to take photos of minors while he worked as a nurse practitioner. Markley also allegedly forcibly performed a physical exam on one victim and claimed the exam was needed in order for the victim to work for him, the complaint states.

As law enforcement continued their investigation they later learned that Markley deceived and defrauded victims, which forced the victims to engage in paid sexual acts, a criminal complaint states.

According to court documents, Markley is still facing state charges in connection to this case.