WASHINGTON D.C. (WHO) — On Thursday, Iowa Fourth District Congressman Randy Feenstra announced he helped introduce a bill to focus on foreign buyers of land in this country. Concerns have been raised that foreign buyers purchasing land could impact control of the US food chain supply.

The measure is labeled FARM, or Foreign Adversary Risk Management.

“American farmland belongs to American farmers – period,” said Rep. Feenstra. “On my 36 County Tour, I have met with countless Iowans who are rightfully concerned that foreign countries like China are purchasing our farmland, infiltrating our country, and threatening our national and food security. That’s why I am proud to support the FARM Act to prevent foreign control of critical agricultural supply chains and food production and stop China’s reckless acquisition of Iowa farmland.”

The FARM Act would appoint the US Secretary of Agriculture to the Committee on Foreign Investment and require the Committee to review any agricultural investment that could result in foreign control of American agribusiness firms.

The bill would also seek to investigate threats to intellectual property around universities in the United States.

The FARM Measure still must pass the Ag Committee and Ways and Means and go to the House and Senate for approval