MASON CITY, Iowa (WHO) — A touching memorial service was held Wednesday for the four brothers who died in a Mason City house fire in mid-November.

The community gathered to mourn the deaths of the children and support the McLuer family. Twelve-year-old John Mikal, 10-year-old Odin-Thor, six-year-old Drako-Ragnar, and three-year-old Phenix-Moon Ivar died in the fire on November 16th.

Their father, John, and sister, Ravan, were rescued but suffered extensive burns. Firefighters had to stop John from going back into the home to try to rescue his sons.

Photos of all four boys were displayed at the service.

With his arms still bandaged, John McLuer thanked the community for helping support his family through the tragedy.

“But I know in my heart that they’re all five running around together. Drako’s arguing about who gets to throw the ball. Ivar’s arguing about who gets to ride Frodie. Odin’s arguing about who gets to head-butt Frodie. And Junior, being the calm cool and collected one, is going ‘Drako it’s not your turn. It’s Ivar’s turn. It’s Odin’s turn. It’s my turn.’  I just know that they’re in a better place now,” said McLuer.

McLuer also encouraged families to practice fire evacuation plans at home.

Investigators say the cause of the deadly fire was an overloaded power strip.