DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — The 2023 Iowa State Fair comes to a close on Sunday evening; wrapping up another week of fried foods, farm animals and fun.

Some people want to go to the fair just one day, some go every day. Fairgoers explained what their favorite parts of the fair were and what they were planning to do on the final day.

“I like the gyros or the corn dogs,” said Levi.

“Probably the fried pickles or the footlong corndogs,” said Layne, Levi’s friend. “I think it’s just different. And I just like corn dogs, I guess, and fried stuff.”

Some people came for the food, others came for the politics.

“Growing up in rural Oklahoma, I’ve been to state fairs since I was a kid and I’ve been working in politics for years and years and years,” said Kelly Johnston who came to the fair this weekend with his wife Adrienne. The couple is from Arlington, Virginia. “I really wanted to come to the prominent state fair during a political season, and here we are finally.”

The Johnstons mentioned they were doing their own food tour of the fair Sunday and attending the concert at night.

Some people want to do it all on the final fair Sunday.

“Definitely do the giant slide,” said Alexandria Stratton of Des Moines. “We got tickets this year so we are going to try it out. Get a couple of cookies, we want to see what animals are left and just wander around and people watch really. So yeah, it’s just some fun stuff that we planned. Not too extensive, just a leisurely day at the fair.”