Drought affecting Iowa farmers on top of storm damage

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DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO-TV) – The weekly Drought Monitor Report came out showing the dry area expanding to where only over twelve percent of the state is free of the drought.

The worst area is in west central Iowa which has been very dry almost all summer.

“It doesn’t mean that crop is severely being impacted by them,” said Mike Naig, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture. “But we are definitely in a situation where we’re starting to see a rain deficit, and that has potential to impact the crop.”

Naig said the extensive crop damage, both downed corn, and corn in the drought should be covered by crop insurance.

“We’re very fortunate that most Iowa farmers will carry crop insurance, 95% plus of our farmers have crop insurance,” said Naig. “We’re talking a lot about that now yes it’s a multi-peril crop insurance, when you deal with things like flooding, and drought, and wind and hail those are the types of things crop insurance definitely kicks in.”

Naig said it’s important for farmers to get their insurance claims filed, and stay on top of the situation with their crop adjuster.

“The intense wind damage literally covers we estimate 3.5 to 4 million acres of corn was severely damaged because of the wind,” said Naig. “Farmers are now going through the process of working with the crop insurance adjusters to come out and look at what do you need to do with that field.”

Naig estimates Iowa lost at least 60,000 bushels of storage capacity with the lost grain bins. Maybe almost that much on Iowa farms as well. Farmers will need to get creative with storage this fall. Some may need to add more grain piles.

“Want to remind folks stay safe we still got a lot of buildings and grain bins that are out there still damaged,” said Naig. “First and foremost is to be able to work safely around those.”

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