DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — Drake University and Confluence Brewing Company have teamed up to release Bulldog, a honey Kolsch-style beer, Drake University’s first officially licensed and branded beer.

Drake University first reached out to Confluence about collaborating on a beer together last year, however, it wasn’t until earlier this year that it all came together.

Bulldog isn’t Confluence’s first beer that they partnered with a local organization to make.

John Martin, the President and Head Brewer of Confluence Brewing Company, said that the brewery’s prolific beer releases help them work with local organizations.

“Our thing is we release a beer a week and usually it’s like if you add them up over the year it’s at least two a week for the last three years and so it is tough. Our warehouse manager Joe, he’s got to work hard to make space in the cooler. Our salespeople are always peddling another product so it does become challenging, but it’s just part of our DNA to make a lot of different beers,” Martin said.

Bulldog will be available this weekend at Drake University sports events.