DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — MidAmerican Energy has announced it has purchased the north Dotdash Meredith building in Des Moines to use as the company’s headquarters. Dotdash Meredith has confirmed the sale will take place effective April 1 of 2023.

“We will retain the South Building that has been home to our brands and iconic to Des Moines for more than 100 years, including our test kitchens, the BHG test garden, our photo and product testing studios, the cafeteria, gym, theater, and parking spaces,” said Dotdash Meredith CEO Neil Vogel. “Locust South has enough capacity to accommodate all of our Des Moines employees.”

Vogel said the company would do a multi-million dollar redesign and renovation of the historic south building.

“We remain committed as ever to Des Moines, and part of that commitment is a need to be flexible in our approach to our space in order to create a vibrant and energetic office that best suits the way we work today,” said Vogel.

In a statement MidAmerican Energy said they will be leaving the space they have been leasing in the Ruan building, since 1975:

“We are excited to move to a permanent location alongside the iconic downtown Western Gateway Park. Through this purchase, MidAmerican continues its longstanding commitment to a thriving downtown Des Moines, which also contributes to the success and continued growth of our entire metro area. This opportunity will allow us to cost effectively maintain our downtown presence, while continuing to serve our customers and offering our employees an enhanced work environment.”

With the downtown commitment of MidAmerican Energy, and from Dotdash Meredith, one business owner believes this means a continued vibrance in the Western Gateway.

“Dash Meredith, and Meredith prior to that, has been great neighbors for the last 10 years down here,” said R.J. Tursi, owner of Exile Brewing. “To have a company like MidAmerican Energy in the neighborhood, I feel like that can only be a good thing so we’re excited.”