DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — The trial of a Des Moines man charged in a deadly street racing crash in December of last year has entered it’s third day. Keith Jones faces six counts, including reckless driving and homicide by vehicle.

During Thursdays trial, insight was shared about how fast the cars Jones and the second driver, Robert Miller were going.

Thursday afternoon Officer Bryan Wickett with the Des Moines Police Department testified about crash data collected from the vehicles Jones and Robert Miller III, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his role in the deadly crash, were driving that night.

Multiple videos from surveillance cameras around the Fleur Drive area, were shown to the jury. Miller’s vehicle, a black Genesis, and Jones’ vehicle, a BMW SUV, were seen speeding past local businesses on Fleur.

Information about how fast Miller was driving that night was obtained by piecing the surveillance videos together, analyzing the driving rate of other cars around Miller and Jones, and tapping into the electronic crash data from the wrecked Genesis.

“When I imaged those modules that contain electronic crash data, I get a report from the software that we use that shows data five seconds prior to an event. So, on that particular module, the Genesis, at five seconds from the time prior to the event, the speed on that vehicle was 108 mph,” said Officer Wickett.

Officer Wickett also said he reviewed surveillance footage from inside the Wicked Rabbit, where Miller and Jones were drinking before the accident.

Officer Wickett said after reviewing three to four hours of footage from inside the bar, he was able to conclude that Jones had consumed six shots of an alcoholic beverage and consumed two mixed drinks. Officer Wickett continued to say he saw each drink be bought, paid for, and consumed.

Jones’ trial is scheduled to continue on Monday morning.