WASHINGTON, Iowa (KCAU) — Officials say that the mayor of an Iowa town has been charged with felony sex abuse by the district court. He turned himself into law enforcement, however, he allegedly ‘could not recall’ the incident in question.  

According to a release from the Iowa Department of Public Safety, the Mayor of the City of Washington, Iowa, Jaron Rosien was accused of having inappropriate contact with a patient at a bar that he allegedly owned.  

Documents state that the victim came into J.P.’s 207 on Wednesday, January 11 with some of their friends. The victim was told by their friends that Rosien was the Mayor of Washington and the owner of J.P.’s 207.

When the victim and their friends were closing out their tabs at the bar during closing time, Rosien allegedly asked the victim to play a game. While they were playing, Rosien was accused of making crude comments about male genitalia.  

According to the documents, as Rosien kept making comments, he then ran his hand up the victim’s thigh and initiated further inappropriate contact. Rosien was also accused of potentially trying to kiss the victim without consent.  

The victim reported the incident to Washington police and the investigation was turned over the Department of Criminal Investigation because Rosien has been serving as the elected mayor since 2018. 

The documents state that a warrant was executed on Thursday, January 12, and officials reviewed the surveillance footage from the night of the incident.  

The surveillance footage allegedly showed Rosien initiating the unwanted contact, and he admitted to behaving ‘flirtatiously’ during an interview. 

The documents specified that Rosien stated that he could not remember any inappropriate contact due to the amount of alcohol he had consumed that night. So, he could neither confirm nor deny touching the victim inappropriately.