DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed into law a $100 million property tax cut Thursday that earned near unanimous approval as it made its way through the legislature.

The signing took place about two hours after lawmakers wrapped up their legislation session.

Most of the benefits of the property tax cut will provide tax relief for hundreds of thousands of seniors (Iowans at least 65-years-old) and veterans.

“We are not done yet,” the governor said and reiterated that she still hopes to eventually eliminate the state sales tax in future legislative sessions.

The property tax cut was bipartisan with only one legislator voting against the bill as it made its way through the house and senate.

Other issues were far more divisive this legislative session. Those included: nearly $1 billion over the next four years in taxpayer support for private school education savings accounts (parents can start applying for those on May 31), restricting books that parents find objectionable for children based on their content, forbidding the discussion of gender identity in classrooms for children up to the sixth grade and banning gender transition procedures.