GRIMES, IOWA — Golf lovers rejoice! The city of Grimes is about to begin construction on a brand new multi-golf course.

The work Glenstone MultiGolf Park will begin on Friday, May 26. The course allows people to disc golf, foot golf and park golf. This will be the first 18-hole course of its kind in the United States.

The course will be built by the Glenstone Park in Grimes, on the corner of SE 37th St and 100th St. The total cost is expected to be $89,900 coming from CIP funds.

“Originally we had looked at doing traditional disc golf and we found this new product that offers three different sports,” said Brian Becker, the Grimes Parks and Recreation Director. “So the more we looked into it the more it was appealing to us. To where you can do disc golf, you can do soccer golf, you can do park golf.”

The first phase will be putting down the tee boxes, the disc golf nets and golf holes. The city believe that construction on the first steps will only take seven days. The second phase will take longer, as the city plans on adding trees and two parking lots to the area.

Neighbors in the area told WHO 13 News that they are excited for the project.

“Give us ways to get the kids outside rather than develop it some other ways for shopping or something like that, I would rather have parks,” said Kristin Knight.

“We have family that live on the same street and they are both ‘frolfers’ so I’m sure there will be a few afternoons of playful trash talk,” said Zak Knight.

There is no cost to the public to play the course when it is set up.