WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — There is a group of people working in West Des Moines to help a family who are refugees from Afghanistan. The problem is the family has 15 people in it, and there are very few houses where they can all live together.

The family left last year when the country fell back into the hands of the Taliban. They originally thought they would land either in Texas, or California, but instead found themselves in the town of West Des Moines.

The home where the family now resides will be sold at the end of June. That means the family needs to find another place to live, or buy the house they are now in.

“Our goal is to get enough money to be able to help buy them a house,” said Tina Neustrom, a family friend. “Ideally, we would love for them to stay in this house, we know that’s a large goal, but if we can do it, we would love for them to be able to stay. They love the neighborhood, they love the schools here in West Des Moines.” 

The committee is planning a fundraiser for the family on May 18 at the West Des Moines Community Center from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. with the group and some family making comments at 6:00 p.m.

The dad worked to help clear the way as an Afghan citizen, for the U.S. military. He was injured in a car bomb not long before they had to leave the country. He was not able to get the surgery he needed, until he arrived in West Des Moines.

Terri Kruse has helped them navigate some of the medical issues they’ve had.

“I met them last summer and I have my background is more medical so I’ve helped them out a lot with the medical things that they’ve had to deal with,” said Kruse. “They are the most wonderful family they’re so full of joy and hope .”

“If anybody would have any options for us that we would really appreciate it,” said Neustrom. “The money would definitely help to get together and effort a down payment, or if we can even buy a house out right that would be even better.”

The group has set up a Go Fund Me, to help the family.