CDC Warns Against Eating Romaine Lettuce Due to E. Coli Outbreak

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A multi-state E. Coli outbreak linked to Romaine Lettuce. At least 32 people infected with the bacteria across 11 states, plus an additional 18 people sick in Canada.
More than a dozen of those sick had to be hospitalized, including one person who developed kidney failure.
The CDC is advising consumers not to eat any form of Romaine lettuce, and urging restaurants to stop serving and selling the product until more is learned about the outbreak. 
“There’s not a chain of trace back to tell say ‘okay, it came from this field or grower’, or whatever, so that’s why it’s so difficult to identify where it came from,” said James E. Rogers, Food Safety Research Director of Consumer Reports, said. 
Consumer Reports warning that for now, everyone throw away those heads and hearts of Romaine, lettuce mixes, and classic Caesar salads. “Washing does not remove this bacteria — because what it can do is get inside the cells and the layers. Washing does not do anything at all,” Rogers said.

This is a different strain of E. Coli than the one responsible for another Romaine lettuce scare earlier this year. That outbreak caused more than 200 people in 30 states to fall sick, and five people died. So far, no deaths have been reported linked to this outbreak. 

Hy-Vee cleared out their shelves today. They told KCAU9, “Out of an abundance of caution, we have pulled all Romaine lettuce, as well as any produce containing Romaine lettuce, from our 248 stores today.”

The company says they don’t know when the products will be available again at this time.

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