Cars lined up at an Ames theatre to buy popcorn

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AMES, Iowa (WHO-TV) – From toilet paper to burgers and fries, people are getting used to the drive-thru to pick up purchases but the line-up at an Ames theatre on Friday night was turning more than a few heads.

Vehicles were stacked up by the dozen with no problem social distancing as cars snaked their way in but not for a movie.

“I wanna get popcorn. I wanna be able to get popcorn,” said a customer waiting to buy theatre popcorn.

The word got out that the North Grand Cinema in Ames, Iowa was opening up to sell theater popcorn.

The people came to the theatre and the line of cars kept getting bigger and bigger until it went all the way around the mall.

Inside of the theatre, there may not have been a movie showing but a crew of workers dressed in their own PPE keeping the kettle churning out hot and buttery popcorn.

“Get it up to a nice 150ish degrees in the conditioner which heats it up and dehumidifies it. Gets some of the oil out of it and aerates it, makes it nice and crunchy and crispy,” said Ben Armentrout, North Grand Cinema manager.

There were other concession snacks also for sale, but it’s the popcorn that brought out the masses Friday night.

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